Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Running Messengers ....

Sunday night we had our second tech run and I got to wear my make-up for the first time! It was awesome! I always get so excited when we get to put on our costumes and our make-up because it informs the characters so much! For example, I am a messenger and Denice asked fellow Belmont student, Liz Young and high school student Marcus McClain and I to perfect a uniform “messenger run”. We had worked it out a couple of days before the dress rehearsal, but when I put on my costume, wig, and make-up it COMPLETELY changed the way my little messenger character runs! I love that costumes and make-up can do that! Editor note:Nathan Lee is also a Belmont student in the production.If you have any questions, please feel free to ask!
Christy White

photo by Brenda Sparks: Colin Merrick, Liz Young, and Markus McClain as Young York, Young Elizabeth, and Prince Edward in Richard the Third

ShakesNote: The Nashville Shakespeare Festival is dedicated to Belmont student involvement in our Winter Shakespeare programming. Contact the Belmont Theater Department for details on their excellent university training programs.

We also serve thousands of high school and middle school students year round !

1,600 Students Already Booked to see Richard the Third
Schools already booked to attend:
Antioch High School
Artios Academy
Battle Ground Academy Middle
Cane Ridge High School
David Lipscomb High School
East Literature Magnet School
Glencliff High School
Harpeth Hall School
Hillsboro High School
Hillwood High School
Hunters Lane High School
Maplewood High School
McGavock High School
Montomgery Bell Academy
Nashville Big Picture School
Nashville School of the Arts
Overton High School
Pearl Cohn High School
Smyrna High School
Station Camp High School
Stratford High School
Whites Creek High School

32 Richard the Third workshops and 6 Hamlet workshops booked at 13 different schools this month alone

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